Creating Perfect Wedding Catering Setup in Austin, TX | Creating Perfect Wedding Catering Setup in Austin, TX

Wedding Food Presentation

Every bride wants to make their wedding memorable as possible and feel the thrilled when guests kept praising on how great the food was. Such thing is not really hard to achieve. However it requires a lot of dedication and talent as you know that the standard chicken and beef will not be enough. The key here is to bring ordinary ingredients into a gourmet special for your wedding catering in Austin, TX. This will add uniqueness and grandeur to your wedding menu.

Wedding CateringBelow are some basic things that you can apply for your wedding catering in Austin, TX:


When you present the food make it colorful. People love to see their food colorful because it does not satisfying to stomach but also it will satisfy the eyes. Although the color doesn’t always suggest the taste but it will make the food look extravagant and expensive. However, you should consider the theme of the wedding. For example, you will be having a summer wedding then incorporate bold and lively colors to the food. But there is limit to it, avoid using unnatural food coloring because it will make the food bitter. If possible use natural food coloring like those juices that you can extract from vegetables and fruits. If you are planning to hire wedding catering in Austin, TX inform the chef about this.


You can also make the cocktail hour interesting by arranging a display of liquors with the supervision of your wedding catering in Austin, TX. Let your guests play bartenders; surely it will make your wedding memorable and successful. Ask your caterer to provide with unique cocktail glasses that is eye-catching. You can also serve them a different signature drink by providing them the recipe at the bar. Just make sure that someone is in charge to look after the liquors to avoid over dosing. Orient your guests that you don’t allow too much intoxication to avoid any trouble during the party.


Culinary kiosk or bar is becoming popular nowadays and appealing to many people. You can suggest the wedding catering in Austin, TX to provide you with this kind of catering setup. This will make your wedding party more interactive. One of the best things about this type of food presentation is that there is an assurance that the food is freshly cooked. This is also perfect to entertain your guests. A chef will attend to the guests at each of the kiosks and help them pair the ingredients and cook it in front of their eyes. Always make various choices so to accommodate vegan and non-vegan guests. On the other hand, such style is quite expensive but the food presentation is worth it.

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