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How to DIY Your Wedding DJ in Greensboro, NC

DIY Wedding DJ

When you are on a tight you tend to DIY everything for the wedding and forget how wedding shops can provide you with great things. Wedding DJs in Greensboro, NC can be one of the most expensive elements for the wedding. For some couples who just starting their career they wouldn’t be able to afford paying for a DJ.

Though DIY wedding DJ in Greensboro, NC is not advisable for some couple but if you have passion and talent with music you can do it for the party. There are some equipment that can be rented for just $200 which means that it will help you to cut cost. On the other hand, you can just use your iTunes and laptop to play music.

It is crucial when doing DIY wedding DJ in Greensboro, NC you will not use small gadget like iPod because they are a bit clunky to control and aside from that they can be easily out of sight. What you really need is a laptop. No exact brand, you can use any type of laptop as long as it works properly and can store more music files. If planning to use iTunes then it is suggested to arrange the songs before the wedding day. Make sure that they are properly queued.

Another thing that you can use when doing a DIY wedding DJ in Greensboro, NC is to use your CDs and music collection. This is perfect especially if the place where you are going to get married promote copyright laws. You can legally play CDs or music you have purchased at a wedding without worrying. On the other hand if you are into digital then purchase the song from iTunes store or

It is also important that you own a sound system. A surround sound system will create perfect and high quality music to the venue. If in case you don’t have one you can borrow it from your family or friends. Barrow sound system as much as you can to provide enough sound to fill the room. But you should be very careful not to overload or else the music become noise. It is also important that when you setup this sound system you will consider the cable connector in order not to mess the venue. It is ideal to gather all the cables on the side of the venue.

Another thing that you need to have is the microphone. This is important so everyone will hear your announcement. Again, you don’t need to buy new one. You can borrow it from your friends or family. You can even rent it. There are also some inexpensive microphones; you may want to consider them so that you already have one for the next event like birthday.

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